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Celebrating 100 Posts. Fine 112. Better Late Than Never?

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Penny Pinching Epicure: Celebrating 100 Posts. Fine 112. Better Late Than Never?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrating 100 Posts. Fine 112. Better Late Than Never?

Funny thing. The last few months I was thinking that I should do something special for my 100th post. It's a milestone, right? Well, that milestone came and went a few weeks ago :-p. This post is number 112.

I'm not sure why I up and forgot about my 100th post. Maybe I thought I didn't have anywhere near 100 posts (actually that number still seems somewhat staggering to me, although I'm not sure why since I usually blog 4-5 times per week and I started back in September. I also missed my 6 month anniversary...), or maybe I'm just loving this whole blogging thing so much I plan to blog 100,000 more times and 100 seems measly :)

Either way, thank you, dear readers. You are the reason I blog. I love it when you tell me I inspire you to try new things, and make you want to cook and bake. If you are a faithful RSS subscriber, you can also follow my random musings on Twitter @RellaBellaK. For those of you who aren't subscribed but use things like Google Reader, well, become a subscriber! Just click the little drop-down arrow to the right of this post where it says "subscribe to."

As always, feedback is most welcome and encouraged. Let me know what you like, and what you want to see more of!

And in case you happen to be wondering what my 100th post was, it was actually rather fitting. Perhaps you've noticed my obsession with banana flavored baked goods?

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Anonymous Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

yay!! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

March 10, 2010 at 1:26 PM  

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