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Penny Pinching Epicure: Penny Pinching Tip #7: Invest in Good Quality Pots

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Penny Pinching Tip #7: Invest in Good Quality Pots

I've said this before, but I make a point in buying good quality kitchen implements because it makes my time in the kitchen infinitely more enjoyable, and it's well worth it in the long run.

I've talked about knives, and now I'm going to talk about pots.

Penny Pinching Tip #7: Invest in Good Quality Pots

Good quality pots will make your food better by heating and cooking more evenly, decreasing the chance your food will dry out or burn.

I have separate pots for dairy, meat and pareve (neutral), which can get expensive; how do I do it?
  1. I'm not vain about my cookware. I don't care if my pots match. I'd rather have a mismatched set of good quality pots than a mediocre set of matching ones. In addition, I prefer to choose what kind of pots I get rather than taking what comes in a set even if I'll never use one of the pieces.
  2. I shop around. Discount stores like Marshall's sell of good quality pots piecemeal if something in the set was broken or damaged.
  3. I buy pots that are versatile. My favorite pot is a 12-inch skillet/saute pan about 2 inches or so deep, with a lid (similar to this one). It allows me to fry, braise, saute, even cook rice. The skillet is in fact the only piece of meat cookware I own, but I can use it for almost anything I want to make.
Just a note about non-stick--I am not a fan because you have to be careful not to scratch it, and once you do you shouldn't really use it anymore because it can flake off into your food (also there has been a significant amount of research on toxins from non-stick coatings). I just invest in a little steel wool in case things get cooked on :)

Do you have any good tips about cookware?

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Anonymous Caela Kaplowitz said...

Walmart sells a set of very good but inexpensive pots. The brand is Tramontina. You can buy them online. Cook's Magazine rated them very highly and said that they are similar in quality to All-Clad but, of course, much cheaper.

January 26, 2010 at 12:50 PM  

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