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Penny Pinching Epicure: Penny Pinching Tip #3: Meet the Munchies

Monday, November 9, 2009

Penny Pinching Tip #3: Meet the Munchies

I'm a snacker. Instead of eating large meals three times a day, I try and eat smaller meals and then a healthy snack or two in between. I usually try to have snacks that are filling and soothe any current cravings--sweet, salty, savory, etc.

Penny Pinching Tip #3: Prepare for the mid-afternoon munchies.

Everyone gets the mid-afternoon (and frequently mid-morning) munchies, but don't give into the urge to run across the street and pick something up (little purchases like $2 cookies and $4 fruit cups can really add up).

I keep an assortment of snack-worthy items at my desk and in the fridge at work: Fruit, cheese sticks, granola bars, dried fruit and nuts, rice cakes, PB&J, yogurt, cottage cheese, chumus, fresh veggies. This way, I ensure I always have what to munch on that's heathly (and much cheaper) [although there are definitely days that call for a little snack splurge].

In case you are looking to become a healthier and cheaper snacker, here are my usual go-tos:

cottage cheese + chopped pear
broccoli + chumus
carrots + chumus
rice cake + PB&J
rice cake + chumus
rice cake + PB + sliced banana
sliced apple + peanut butter
slice apple/pear + small handful almonds
3 pieces dried mango + small handful pecans

There are really an infinite number of snack combinations if you keep the right things at work (kind of like keeping a well-stocked pantry).

If you have other cheap go-to snacks you keep around, please feel free to share!

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